Welcome to C.A.R.E.S.

Our organization strives to foster an environment where children of all ages can grow academically and socially. By providing kindergarten through eighth graders the tools to learn, they are able to gain additional practice and experience in their school subjects. The high school student volunteers guide and facilitate these sessions. Every child is provided a comfortable working environment, as well as, passionate and eager volunteers who have the necessary resources to identify academically challenging subjects. We acknowledge that each child struggles in some academic or social setting, but shines in other areas. By partnering these children together, they can learn from each other and are able to overcome their individual weaknesses while simultaneously assisting others in their own personal growth.

Kindergarten through Eighth Grade:

  • Opportunity to work with High School Students.
  • Additional academic review.
  • The opportunity to work with positive mentors.
  • They get an opportunity to work with students their own age from other schools.

High School Tutors:

  • The positive feeling of helping others.
  • Awarded 3 hours of Community Service.
  • Meet fellow High School Students from other schools.
  • They all work together for a common purpose.